Creating an American Style Home

American culture can be found in even the most far-flung parts of the world, and this lies especially dominant in American-styled homes. In order to fully appreciate this niche style, we should first take a look at the country’s history.

Today, the United States is, in essence, the by-product of generations of hard-working immigrants. As people from different walks of life came looking for opportunities in a far-away land, many of these immigrants (particularly the ones from Europe) moved to America, bringing with them their decorative sense and choices in furniture made up of a slew of different elements from various ethnic groups.

This transition heavily influenced the origin and visual development of American-style homes, which evolved with the ever-changing lifestyles of the American people and their culture. The uniqueness of the style can be said to be distinct in a few ways; essentially, a sense of individuality, freedom and vibrant life should be present at all times. This has led to the prominent incorporation of vivid colours, rich decor and aspects of elegance that instilled throughout a space.

If you’re looking at turning your home into an unmistakably American-style abode, here are a few tips that can help.

The Use of Bright Colors

As a mix and match of styles and tastes, the American preference leans towards a variety of colours, especially bright and contrasting ones. These can increase the vitality of a space and reinvigorate a home’s aesthetics.

Soft blue fabrics and calm, marine coloured accessories can be set against subtle woody tones to create contrasts that dazzle with liveliness.

Rich fabrics

The American-style also relies heavily on rich fabrics that establish a sense of elegance and classiness. Consider paying greater attention to the patterns of soft clothing and accessories or opt for a luxurious setting through fine décor that can set the mood for a quintessential American theme.

Meticulously assembled furniture, coupled with a flurry of captivating fabric use can display a skillful fusion between the classical and modern.


Another American characteristic that us often overlooked in styling is a warm atmosphere that can ultimately turn a house into a home. Use extensive colour variations for a more livable abode that feels familiar and cosy. Pair this with beautiful metallic textures in chandeliers or shiny candleholders for a more opulent looking space.

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