British Colonial

Solid Mahogany Fine Furniture

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Dimensions: L100/150 x D52 x H70 cm


Dimensions L132 x D52 x H82 cm


Dimensions φ65 x H70 cm


Dimensions: 190 x D58 x H65 cm


Dimensions: L182 x D100 x H75 cm


Dimensions: φ60 x H71 cm


Dimensions L45 x D79 x H194 cm

British Colonial

Taylor Dining Chair MO2880


Dimensions: W47 x D61 x H104 cm


Dimensions: L160+50 leaf to 2.1m x D100 x H77 cm


Dimensions: L84 x D42 x H75 cm


Dimensions: W63 x D55 x H105 cm


Dimensions H: 180 cm W: 105 cm D: 42 cm