Sofa and Chairs

Design with comfort and Style

Using antique furniture for inspiration, our designer Eddo updated the designs for use in modern lifestyle.

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Dimensions: L77 x D98 x H91 cm


Dimensions: L306 x D167 x H61 cm


Dimensions: L71 x D90 x H74 cm


Dimensions: Accent Chair: L80 x D86 x H108 cm Stool: L72 x D52 x H38 cm


Dimensions: L194 x D90 x H90 cm


Dimensions: L91 x D98 x H111 cm


Dimensions: 3 Seater: L226 x D99 x H96 cm 2 Seater: L166 x D99 x H96 cm 1 Seater: L104 x D99 x H96 cm


Dimensions: L70 x D76 x H77 cm


Dimensions: L197 x D95 x H94 cm


Dimensions: L203 x D93 x H89 cm


Dimensions: L188 x D99 x H99 cm


Dimensions: L211 x D97 x H84 cm